Happy father’s day to me… Happy father’s day to ME

That’s right chumps, I get my father’s day gift today.  “And what, praytell” you ask “might that be?”.   Well, it is none other than the most awesome briefcase known to man:


Awww YEY-YAH.  I managed to talk Mandy into combining all of my savings (and some stuff I sold) along with a little extra money to be used to buy this for my Father’s Day gift.  It arrives today.  Verily, even now, UPS reports that it is “Out for Delivery.”  Ahhh.. such sweet music.

You probably expect that I’ll do some sort of review and post it here to the blog and force you all to read it.  You’d only be half right.  I will, in fact, be reviewing it.  However, it won’t be posted here.  I’m actually a member of the review staff over at www.mobilitysite.com.  So, that’s where I’ll be posting the review.   I’ve already posted a preview that is on the front page over there if you’re interested.  So, I won’t force you guys to read my review (although I will mention it when I do post it a few weeks from now).  However, I will force you guys to endure my silly excitement over getting a new briefcase.  WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!


4 responses to “Happy father’s day to me… Happy father’s day to ME

  • OD

    did you order a matching pair of HIGH HEELS????? you might want to get a pair of pumps!! red would be my suggestion. OD

  • andrew

    SERIOUSLY. You can’t call that a briefcase. it’s a best, a satchel or a bag. In full honesty, it’s a full on man-purse.

    but congratulations on blowing a ton of money on an accessory. For you next post, you can tell us all about color-coordinating shoes and such.

    Actually, I have a man-purse myself and I’m just spewing all this venom because I’m jealous of how cool your new briefcase is.

  • andrew

    I’m so glad for you that you got that awesome briefcase that I just wanted to come back and post again.

    Man, I wish I was as cool as you.

  • Kinsey

    I will note, again, how you chose the picture of the Mexican Federale to make this bag appear a) much more masculine than a traditional man-purse or b) entirely out of context since he’s probably about to pop a cap in someone’s a… well, you know… and I bet he wouldn’t want his man purse to get in the way of that. In any case, girls love new accessories, so congrats!

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