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Our maple


The maple tree in our back yard, rocking its fall colors.


Oh, hello there

Fancy meeting you here, huh?

I bet you thought I didn’t post here anymore.  Truth be told, I guess I can’t argue much with you.  Things have been so crazy lately that slowing down to write out a few thoughts seemed like the last thing on my mind.

But, fall always makes me feel contemplative.  So, I’m sitting here on a chilly (or is it actually cold??) Sunday afternoon, enjoying my first mug of mulled cider this season, contemplating.

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So, I’ve been feeling guilty cause I don’t post here as much as I used to.  Some of that is probably because of facebook/twitter catching a lot of my random thoughts.  But, there’s still plenty of stuff to write about here in longform.

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Hello again

Hey Guys:

Sorry it has been so long since I’ve posted anything.  I’ve been a busy boy.  Life has been good lately, but busy.

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I. Am. Awesome.


What a crazy week.  I’ve been working on this deal at work for the past 10 months or so.  We are designing a building a new thing that doesn’t exist.  I can’t really explain what it is due to security, so, I’m trying to think of something that is of a similar level of complexity.  The best thing I can think of is something like a digital camera…  that can survive outerspace.  Of course, that’s not what I’m working on, but something like that.

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Enourmous Update on The Kids

Certain family members have brought it to my attention that I have been a bit lax lately concerning significant blog posting.  They have accused me of only putting stuff on twitter/facebook **cough**DAD**cough**.

So, in an effort to appease these individuals, I present you with

KID-CENTRIC MULTIMEDIA EXTRAVAGANZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A nice week

Well, we’re just now recovering from a good week spent with Mandy’s folks.  Nothing huge happened in terms of “we went to X and did Y”, but it was still a really good week.

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